How to stop running applications via Jamf MDM

Before deploying applications, there’s probably two things you need to do. 1. Kill the process if it’s running. 2. Remove any existing installations if they exist. The following describes how to easily achieve this using Jamf’s built in tools.

Jamf Kill Process and Uninstall application
Don’t forget to change the name of the application you’re killing.
  1. Within your application’s deployment/ self service policy, add the “Files & Processes” configuration option.
  2. Specify the applications potential existing installation location. Check the option to delete if exists.
  3. Specify the applications potential running process name. Check the option to kill the task if running. If you don’t know the processes exact name, you can find this by the application and locating the process name in Activity Monitor.
  4. (Optional) continue to build out your policy if needed.
  5.  Save


  • Don’t worry, if the application is not found on the target system, Jamf will skip over this process and continue to execute the policy.
  • If you can’t find the process name using activity montior you will also find that it’s generally the same name as the file located at /Applications/APPLICATIONNAME/Contents/MacOS/FILENAME